Warner Bros. opens new TCM Classic Films Tour

April 16, 2024, 8:24 PM · Classic film fans now have a new way to celebrate some of their favorite films - right where they were made.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood has redesigned its classic films tour in partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM). The new TCM Classic Films Tour focuses on the studio's early days, with new stops that allow fans to explore iconic locations on Warner Bros.' Burbank lot.

"The TCM Classic Films Tour is a natural fit for the Studio Tour," Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Vice President & General Manager Danny Kahn said. "TCM showcases and preserves beloved classic films, and the Studio Tour offers our guests the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Hollywood legends and connect with their beloved titles."

To celebrate today's tour debut, Warner Bros. today hosted a press event with a panel of creators, including Warner Bros. Library Historian George Feltenstein, TCM Host Ben Mankiewitz, and "Blazing Saddles" star Burton Gilliam, who talked about filming the classic western at the studio.

On the TCM Classic Films Tour, a newly curated introduction video features TCM hosts Ben Mankiewicz, Eddie Muller, Jacqueline Stewart, Alicia Malone, and Dave Karger. Once out on the lot, visitors get about 90 minutes with an expert tour guide who will point out locations not included on the 60-minute regular tour, such as the studio’s expansive prop house, the rose garden and war memorial, the Eastwood Scoring Stage, James Dean's apartment on the studio lot, and the "Termite Terrace" former home of Warner Bros. animation studio, in addition to the other sites from the regular tour. Along the way, the host also will play video clips of classic films shot on the locations they are visiting.

In addition to the guided portion of the tour, participants will get time to explore Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood's walk-through exhibits: Stage 48 - Script to Screen, and Action and Magic Made Here. Those walk-throughs typically take about two hours in total, making the TCM Classic Films Tour about a three and a half hour experience.

For discounted tickets to the regular studio tour, please see our partner's Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood tickets page. For tickets to the TCM Classic Films Tour, visit www.wbstudiotour.com/tour/classics.

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Replies (2)

April 17, 2024 at 8:22 AM

This definitely sounds interesting, but as a stand alone tour, it could be a bit of a bore (definitely wouldn't do this with our teenager). I could see integrating some of these locations and information into a more in-depth tour (perhaps as a minimal upcharge) that adds maybe 15-20 extra minutes, but even as a big movie fan, I think this might be too niche to be successful.

I do wish WB would get rid of a barrage of upcharge photos/experiences at the end of the tour.

April 18, 2024 at 9:59 PM

As someone who went on an earlier version of the WB Studio Tour and went out and saw “The Music Man” based on visiting River City on the lot, I’m happy to see a tour with a focus on the classics. The current basic tour sounds like it’s too focused on the latest and greatest WB franchises to the detriment of WB’s history and its classic films.

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