Enchanted Forest: Local park mini review

Edited: September 7, 2017, 2:27 PM

So here in the NW we don't have many options in terms of theme parks. Most the time the thought is drive down to Cali or go explore the great outdoors. Here in Oregon we have a small little park just outside our capital of Salem. It is called the Enchanted Forest. I took my son for the first time this last Saturday. Unfortunately my cell camera is broken so I didn't have any pictures but figured I would talk about it at least.

First off, the park is built on a hill in the forest which is kind of cool but if you aren't capable it is definitely a work out. The nice thing is that it is affordable. My son and I got in and did all the rides for about 60 bucks in all. It is entry pay and also pay to ride. $12.95 per adult and 10.95 for kids. Rides range from 2 to 4 tickets with each ticket costing 1 dollar. There is also a wristband option which only makes sense if you ride each ride more than once, which I wasn't planning.

 photo enchanted1_zpsc9lg6kmj.jpg
The theme of the park is what it sounds like. An enchanted land, the buildings are somewhat Bavarian I suppose. Definitely some strange and unique things. But stories you remember. Such as red riding hood, woman who lived in a shoe, humpty dumpty, etc. As you walk in you go up the hill to the top where the rides are.

The rides. The kid area is a just your basic kid carnival rides which isn't necessarily bad. Carousel, mini ferris wheel, frog hopper, kid train, bumper cars and bumper boats. Not much to say here, other than my son went on most of these himself and enjoyed them.
The 4 ticket rides that we rode are: a log flume, small coaster and a trackless indoor ride.
Other: haunted house (supposed to be good but warned about no small children)

 photo timber log ride_zpss2azw35n.jpg
The Big Timber Log ride isn't horrible but it isn't even close to splash mountain. Theme is minimal, after the initial climb and a small hill, you ride through a saw mill with a mannequin inside, no anamatronics here. Then the big splash which questions the safety of the ride.

 photo ice mountain_zpsdnomsx9c.jpg
The small coaster, Ice Mountain Bobsled, is matterhorn-ish as you do ride through a white mountain minus the Yeti. I wish the coaster wasn't covered but I suppose the pine trees above may occasionally drop items. Definitely nothing to brag about here.
 photo challenge of mondor_zpsftchk39w.jpg
Challenge of Mondor, the trackless indoor ride uses some decent technology. The ride vehicles got pretty close to the walls and object but never hit anything. It is also a shooter ride which makes it a little more interesting. The story is that you are helping the wizard destroy the creatures of the dark. Anamatronics are used and aren't too bad but the sound is horrible, you can't hear what they are saying. The decoration and story are bizarre like much of the park. Also pretty scary for little ones.

We didn't do either of the 2 shows offered. Comedy Theatre or the Irish music hall. More on that next time maybe.

In conclusion this park was strange and unique but still enjoyable for the cost. Not bad for a quick day trip. It won't be worth your drive from out of town but it was for us.

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