The BLOG FLUME - Happy Second Anniversary to Me!

Two years of the most sarcastic column on the web! What's next? Kevin has no clue.

Written by Kevin Baxter
Published: September 6, 2004 at 1:42 PM

Welcome to the Blog Flume's Second Anniversary celebration! Yawn!

Hard to believe I have been doing this thing for two years. I'd count the number of columns, but I have a life, you know.

In regards to that life, this column is actually about 5 days late because I ended up not having access to the internet, which I thought I would. No, I haven't moved into the path of one of the 48 hurricanes to hit Florida lately. I am in Vegas, gathering information for Robert's upcoming Vegas site, which you might have read about here.

If you did read that thread, then you know Robert is looking for a new writer for this column. If you have a sense of humor and a knack for being controversial, PLEASE think about taking over the column. You don't need to be as hilarious or talented as I - nobody here believes that is even possible. As long as you can handle a future filled with "It's okay, but not like when KEVIN wrote it!" then you will do fine. It was a learning process for me too.

Some people have emailed me asking about my future on the site. I will still be writing my Pennies from Kevin column once a week, so don't get all weepy on me. I have more reviews of Orlando restaurants and attractions, which will be all over the place this month. But after that, my presence will be severely limited, what with all the work I will be doing for the new site.

Furthermore, my heart just isn't in the theme park world enough anymore to focus so much effort onto this site. Disney and Universal both have uncertain futures ahead of them. When will Eisner leave? Will he open the pocketbook before he does? Will NBC Universal end up selling the parks? Will Islands of Adventure ever get a new ride? When it comes to theme parks, I have always had an optimistic outlook, but both companies have shady histories recently, and it's just too worrisome wondering where the top two park operators are heading.

There is good news lower down the totem pole, though. Busch, even with a few recent missteps, can usually be counted on to do what fans want. Paramount seems to have latched onto a more interesting business plan. Six Flags is seeing a shakeup which could only improve the parks. And Cedar Fair, well they've got a long way to go outside Cedar Point. But they're getting there faster than Disney is with half their parks!

Happy trails!

Readers' Opinions

From David Klawe on September 7, 2004 at 12:48 AM
Good luck in the future, glad to see you will still be a writer here :)

If I didn't already make a commitment to another site, I would be tempted to take over your shoes.... And you did a GREAT job during the 2 years that you did your thing....

Thanks again Kevin!!!

From Adrian Walker on September 7, 2004 at 9:00 AM
Did you say you were leaving sometime? Damn! Who else is going to be as imformitive and as funny as you?

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