The BLOG Flume -- Happy Thanksgiving

Here's what Russell's thankful for this holiday....

Written by Russell Meyer
Published: November 25, 2004 at 7:21 PM

It’s that time of year again. Turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and giving thanks for all of the great things that we as Americans are privileged to have. So in this edition of the BLOGFlume, let’s give thanks to all of the things that we should be thankful for…

Thank Pixar
Zap 2 It 11/24/04

With Thanksgiving comes full bellies, tryptophan, football, and the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No, the sky is not falling this year, but if you keep your eyes peeled on NBC Thursday morning, you may catch a glimpse of the newest balloon in the New York Thanksgiving tradition. Chicken Little, the star of Disney’s first completely computer animated picture done without Pixar, will be a 60 foot tall, 493 pound helium balloon floating down the traditional parade route. While the kiddies will be thankful that a giant cow voiced by Roseanne Barr will not be featured in the parade, Disney will be thankful if Chicken Little can be half as successful as their collaborations with Pixar.

Thank China
ABC News 11/22/04

Disney is also thankful this holiday season that Hong Kong Disneyland has set a hard opening date of September 12, 2005 (a date chosen with the assistance of a feng shui master). The park is opening ahead of schedule at a cost of $1.8 billion. Chinese tourism to Hong Kong should increase exponentially since the government relaxed restriction for citizens to travel to the former British territory. While the park will feature many of the rides, attractions, and shows found at other Disney parks, it will be the only park in a communist country. In 2010, Disney will be thankful that its Tora Bora Disneyland will be opening ahead of schedule and under budget.

Thank Jeb Bush
St. Petersburg Times 11/24/04

Thanks to $14.5 million of taxpayer money invested by the State of Florida and a $50+ million investment from Kent Buescher, Cypress Gardens is ready to re-emerge into the competitive central Florida theme park business. The park is set to open its gates this Friday for a Kenny Rogers concert and then its grand opening on December 9, 2004. The park will feature 38 carnival-style rides including a wooden roller, recently renamed Triple Hurricane, to pay homage to the three major storms that disrupted the reconstruction of Florida’s oldest theme park. The park has already sold a number of season passes, and is hoping for an annual attendance in the 1 million-visitor range to break even in its first year. Guests of Cypress Gardens will be thankful that Triple Hurricane will not make them feel like they went through those three costly storms that ravaged the Sunshine State mere months ago.

Thank Bolliger & Mabillard
Busch Gardens Tampa Guide 11/22/04

You should always be thankful for roller coaster designers, especially one with such a great track record as B&M. SheiKra has started to go vertical with its overbanked turn over the new smokehouse. Busch Gardens hopes to have the smokehouse operational by December 17, 2004, so the swift construction of this particular section of the track is by design. While an opening date for the western hemisphere’s first dive machine has yet to be announced, if construction continues at this rate, it’s difficult to see this coaster opening any later than May of 2005. I’ll be thanking my wife if we get an opportunity to make it to BGT next year to ride this awesome looking roller coaster.


In a completely unrelated story, everyone should be thankful such a great website exists. Sites that offer a mix of information, criticism, and witty commentary are hard to find, especially in the theme park world. If no one’s ever looked before (I know everyone only visits this site, and NEVER goes anywhere else for theme park news), most other theme park sites are childish roller coaster message board sites, Disney-hugger sites, or straight news sites. So let’s thank Robert, Kevin, and all the regulars here at TPI for a unique outlet on something we all love!

Readers' Opinions

From Andrew Swanson on November 25, 2004 at 8:04 PM
A quick question for you. You said Chicken Little is Disney's first completely Computer Animated movie without Pixar. Wasn't Dinosaur done without Pixar? Please correct me where I'm wrong. Thanks!
From Russell Meyer on November 25, 2004 at 9:06 PM
Dinosaur was done without Pixar, but it wasn't completely computer animated- it used real backgrounds (photographs of Hawaii and Tahiti) and superimposed computer animated characters over them.
From Joe Llorens on November 25, 2004 at 10:12 PM
Wow, I saw Dinosaur and I didn't realize the backgrounds were real. Very cool. I agree with Russell's sentiment; TPI is definitely a great website. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
From Justin Smith on November 26, 2004 at 9:40 AM
Also Dinosaur was made by a company owned by Disney( sort of like Touchstone or Mirmax) but then the "WONDERFUl" Eisner closed the company because Dinosuar only made approxemently $130 million dollars. Even though it did better than several other Disney films made recently, Dinosaur failed to make as much as Pixar's weakest film A Bugs Life which made over 30 million dollars more than Dinosaur . As for Chicken Little the movie looks pretty funny. It's ashamed we couldn't see any Nemo or Incredibles float at the parade though.
From Adrian Walker on November 26, 2004 at 11:52 AM
Although I'am not American, I like to just to nip in a comment and say thanks to Russell for aknowledging the fact that TPI is a great site. I definetely agree, I mean like, who doesn't?
From Robert OGrosky on November 26, 2004 at 8:16 PM
Yes, we should be thankful for this site!!! It provides great info and a good discussion of issues and is one of the first palces i visit when i go on the internet!!
From Adrian Walker on November 27, 2004 at 3:41 AM
Totally agree with Robert

Long live TPI!!!
Anyone know how long this site has been running for?

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